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About Niche Restaurant

Niche’s creation was a labor of love, utilizing repurposed materials like granite sourced from the remnants of a major convention center project. The interiors were crafted with meticulous precision, using exotic woods like mahogany and Puerto Rican cedar—a testament to a commitment to sustainability and aesthetic excellence.

At Niche, Chef Carlos brings his creative expertise and passion for food to combine French culinary traditions that meet innovative Puerto Rican fusion flavors, creating a symphony of taste and artistry that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

A gastronomic gem nestled within the vibrant San Juan, Puerto Rico’s culinary scene, Niche Restaurant is located inside the Acacia Boutique Hotel.

Niche stands out for its exquisite French Fusion cuisine, expert wine pairings, and commitment to providing memorable dining experience.

Niche Restaurant in San Juan, Puerto Rico
Niche Restaurant San Juan Puerto Rico interior
The restaurant’s aesthetic design narrates a story of its own—three Buddhas representing creation, an intricately designed bar made from mahogany, and a mesmerizing mural depicting the birth of stars—all woven into a harmonious narrative that captivates guests.
Niche is not merely a dining space; it’s a symphony of design, culture, and culinary expertise. Careful consideration of airflow, energy consumption, and material sourcing underscores a dedication to sustainability and an extraordinary dining experience.
Every detail, from the repurposed granite to the floating stairs leading into the restaurant, contributes to the grand narrative of Niche. It’s a tribute to the universal art of creation, be it the birth of the universe or the genesis of a unique dining experience that Niche offers.

Essentially, Niche Restaurant is more than a culinary adventure, it’s a manifestation of a life journey, a tapestry of experiences woven into the very fabric of the restaurant. It’s an embodiment of sustainability, culture, and an insatiable passion for the art of gastronomy.

Hello! I'm Chef Carlos

I am Chef Carlos Morales, the creative and culinary heart behind our dining experience in Niche Restaurant at the Acacia Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Born in Mexico City and raised in Puerto Rico, my passion for food was ignited early. I fondly recall lending a hand in my family’s restaurant, where my father taught me the art of traditional Mexican cuisine lessons that would lay the foundation for my journey as a chef.
While pursuing degrees in medicine and music at the University of Puerto Rico, I continued to nurture my culinary instincts by working in restaurant kitchens to support my education. Eventually, the magnetic pull of making good food was impossible to resist, leading me to embrace my true calling.
I furthered my culinary education at the Universidad del Este of Carolina, Puerto Rico, and worked in various kitchens specializing in French, Mexican, and Puerto Rican cuisines. Each experience enriched me, shaping the unique style that you’ll experience at Niche Restaurant today.
The most memorable meals are born from a harmonious blend of authenticity and innovation. It’s this balance that I strive for in every dish I create, fusing the heartfelt flavors of my Mexican heritage with the soulful touches of Puerto Rican cuisine combined with the elegance of French fare.

I invite you to Niche Restaurant to partake in a culinary experience that encapsulates my life’s work. Expect flavors that tell stories, ingredients that sing, and dishes that reflect my heritage and my passion for innovation.

Chef Carlos at Niche Restaurant in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Our Vision

The Niche Vision

Embracing the vibrant spirit of San Juan, Niche Restaurant aspires to be the epitome of culinary excellence in Puerto Rico. 

At Niche, we believe in crafting exceptional experiences that transcend the ordinary. Our vision is to curate a gastronomic haven, where diverse life experiences and an unyielding passion for gourmet cuisine come together. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of epicurean delight, constantly seeking new avenues to surprise and satisfy the discerning palates of our guests.

Through our fine dining establishment, we promise to deliver moments of pure delight, whether it’s through our delectable promotions, special events that celebrate food and culture, or our exquisite wine-pairing dinners that elevate the dining experience to new heights.

Niche Restaurant in San Juan is more than just a place to dine; it’s a destination for those who appreciate the finer things in life. 

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