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Niche Restaurant

Nestled in the heart of the vibrant culinary scene of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Niche Restaurant finds its home within the Acacia Boutique Hotel.

The menu seamlessly intertwines French culinary traditions with innovative Puerto Rican fusion flavors, offering a harmonious symphony of taste and artistry that transcends the ordinary.

From the impeccable cuisine to the thoughtfully curated wine lists, each detail is meticulously crafted to ensure patrons depart not just with a satisfied palate but with lasting memories of an extraordinary culinary journey.

Immerse yourself in the distinctive charm of Niche – a place where every bite tells a story, and every visit is an experience to be remembered.

Halibut Filet at Niche Restaurant in San Juan, Puerto Rico
Chef Carlos at Niche Restaurant in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Niche Restaurant's
Chef Carlos Morales

Embark on a gastronomic journey with us and discover the visionary behind the delectable creations that grace the tables of Niche Restaurant – Chef Carlos Morales. 

With an unwavering passion for culinary excellence, Chef Carlos has established himself as a maestro in fine dining, infusing each dish with a blend of creativity, expertise, and a dash of his distinctive flair. 

With each meticulously crafted dish, he showcases his technical prowess and tells a captivating story through flavors.

– In Their Own Words –

Sarina S Philadelphia

It was so lovely meeting you all last night. This is the best restaurant we have been to, and we are foodies. From the ambiance to the fantastic staff, the chef, and last but not least, the food was superb! This is a must go-to when in town. Hats off to you…

Lori W New York Area

A perfect example of great food in an ideal environment. The food was well prepared and presented. My recommendation is the soup and salmon; they were great. Service was impeccable I am looking forward to going back.

Incredible! Every dish was delicious and a beautiful presentation. The Chef was friendly and checked to see if everything was to our liking, and Lisa was so helpful and gave us great recommendations. We’ll be back on our next trip

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